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Servicing & Maintenance
Our pricing for standard Servicing Package starts from $148++
(Using ‘Agip’ Performance Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, top up $10 to enjoy ‘Castrol Edge ‘Titanium’ OW-40 Sports’)

The standard Servicing Package includes:
  • Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Spark Plug (Basic Type)
  • 20 Checking points
We understand there may be cheaper pricing package for servicing in the market but before you make a decision, please do kindly make a calculation: the reason other workshops may be able to provide a more “competitive price” is by using a lower grade or different brand engine oil. By using better grade engine oil, it not only contribute to better fuel economy but also increases engine work rate and prolong the engine lifespan as well.

For example, Castrol’s range of engine oil is one such product and is the official engine oil approved by most luxury European car maker like: Porsche, Mercedes Benz, B.M.W and Audi.

20 Checking Points

For our repair charges:
Workmanship for panel knocking – Fr $100++
Workmanship for Spray-painting – Fr $150++
Workmanship for Spray-painting of rims – Fr $70/rim
(*Charges is base on per part basis, etc..Passenger door, Fender, Bumper)
Four Wheel Alignment – Fr $120
Two Wheel Alignment – Fr $50
Top-up Air-con gas – Fr $25
Labour for oil change only(bring your own engine oil & oil filter) - Fr $50 for saloon cars, Fr $100 for luxury cars
Air Filter / Air-con Filter Check & Clean
Brake Fluid Check & Top Up
Clutch Fluid Check & Top Up
Radiator Coolant Check & Top Up
Type Pressure and Condition Check Conditions
Transmission / Axle Oil Level Check & Top UP
Battery Voltage Check Conditions
Windshield Washer System Check Conditions
Cooling Fan Belt Tension Check Conditions
Wiper Blade Check Conditions
Wheel Brake Pad and Shoe Check Conditions
Hand Brake Check & Adjust
Lighting System Check Conditions
Meter Indicator Check Conditions
Suspension System Check Conditions
Steering Wheel Alignment Check Conditions
Air-con Compressor Belt Check Conditions
Door Lock / Hinges System Check Conditions
Power Windows System Check Conditions
Battery Terminal Check Conditions
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